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Well..u know...i just don't want ...
henlo well today I'm back with some fresh home-made memes for you
Exactly namjoon.....U F*CKING FEEL THE MUSIC
Thank you, random citizen!
When You Miss A Call By A Few Milliseconds And Call Back Immediately But They Don't Answer
Find this Pin and more on Kpop Fangirl Relatables & Jokes by #V #love #Army.
I can only IMAGINE how he must of felt, and it wouldn't even be close to the real thing I bet. I'm so happy for him.
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If one of the kids told Jin that they wouldn't live to see the next day, although he would appreciate the joke
He's so extra, haha. But it's a good type of extra, am I. Kittens KidsFangirlJokesFunnyCute kittensTired funnyKitty CatsChildren
I'm bouta stay up all night for their Vlive and I won't
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'Das Kpop-Lüfterproblem' iPhone-Hülle & Cover by sittinginclover
This poor kid hahaha
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2. This logic.
The Life of a Fangirl, Basically - #451 When Caleb Betrays Tris - Wattpad
When Potter fans found the perfect images for this meme.
Okay, if this isn't me I don't know what is. Fandom JokesFangirl ...
Kids say the funniest and smartest things sometimes
Divergent, Fangirl
He's someone who uses his outlets well and turns them into gains for himself that will benefit his career later on.
6. This screen shot of you and your friends after watching the movie.
This is only for people who like to read that sort of thing, or for people who don't have time to learn about how each member is themselves.
... out of context.
Child porn isn't bad. #Ha #what #meme #dank #
True dat.
Misaimed Marketing
... telling fans that he arrived 'a few weeks ...
There's ...
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G-Dragon's lyrics from '2014 MAMA's garner attention for its sarcastic tone
20 Hilarious Starter Packs From Tumblr You Need In Your Life - Gurl.com | Gurl.com
Let's start from the beginning: you are , a mild-mannered single dad who just moved into the neighborhood with your eighteen-year-old daughter, ...
Kpop/Dank Memes/Aesthetic Stuff
5. This relatable Loki moment.
Source: Tumblr
1. This accurate analysis of Harry's character development.
“Nem mindig kell a szülőkre hallgatni.”
17 funny St. Patrick's Day memes you can share on social media - HelloGiggles
New Diary of a Wimpy Kid film sends teens into meltdown after unveiling new Rodrick - and they are not happy
I've done it so you don't have to. For reference: it is fine to call him Doctor Who if you want to, and it always has been.
All wasn't really well. Too much shit went down. All of these people carry the scars of Voldemort.
Meanwhile on Twitter…
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Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle is already collecting fangirls and he's only a tiny kid! With his half-Korean, half-American luscious baby locks and bright smile, ...
He's kind of underrated and that makes me so angry because he's wonderful. He helps create most of bts' cherographies, he loves armies and bts so much.
BTS in 2016
A collection of images of Eric and Dylan reading 'Chances Thrown; Nothing's Free;
The next day was no joke. This day was planned out perfectly and boy are we grateful for all the things we got to see and experience.
28. Tom Hiddleston saying what we were thinking.
“We'll steal your disbelieving heart!”
little bitches.jpg
Rule The World Crown Infant Baby Overall Jumpsuit - Cozzoo
A Wave Of Fangirls Is Coming
Memetic Molester
Mila kept out of sight when Taimi and the boy sat down at the kitchen table, but Taimi knew she was listening. Mila would probably get really mad if she ...
Dream daddy streaming
FNaF Scenerio Meme-Thing-Whatever... by TempsWolfi ...
Comic Short (Bendy's Reaction to Fangirl Cringe) by LanivaGalaxy ...
So next time when Suga jokes about his sleep habbit, think about his health. Pray for the health of every BTS member (and one's you love too).
*SMH* Rick writes Apollo in his own voice: desperately unhip yet trying way too effing hard to be cool. And completely oblivious to this fact as a writer.
Umm, okay, so he's a hot ass softball coach single dad who makes incredibly cute kids. Where has he been all our lives??? Unfortunately, he's constantly ...
What do I have to do to atone for this shameful sin, sister? Excuse me? What did you just say? I have to read Magic Steals twice ...
Kids Notice Me Senpai | Sin Pi | Funny Math Shirt | Anime Tshirt 12 Heather
MelancholyWoods, Tag yourself (if you can lol)Extra long Sonic.
Rain Free Car Wash Meme
So he's clearly an Asian Adonis and far too pure for this planet. But it gets better: his ol' college girlfriend-turned-wife, “Smashley”, is no longer in ...
My First Blog : How I got into K-Pop + Memes
OG Boy Band: Backstreet Boys
Get hype! New episode of The Grill later today our
Ambiguous Gender
Fangirl Stuck In Reality
Even Ashley doesn't want to see her
You Guys Are the best Thing that ever Happened In my life
Guys, this isn't even a joke. Do it. It's what your ult would want. Think about who attended that funeral…. do it.
37. Share a Blast From the Past